Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Dental Brochure - 2023

Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Dental
Section 4 Your Cost for Covered Services

In-Progress Treatment
In-progress treatment for dependents of retiring active duty service members who were enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) will be covered for the 2023 plan year; regardless of any current plan exclusion for care initiated prior to the enrollee's effective date.

This requirement includes assumption of payments for covered orthodontia services up to the FEDVIP policy limits, and full payment where applicable up to the terms of FEDVIP policy for covered services completed (but not initiated) in the 2023 plan year such as crowns and implants.

This is not a requirement for carriers to provide in-progress coverage for orthodontia in a plan where an enrollee must meet a waiting period.
FEDVIP carriers will not cover in-progress treatment if you enroll in a FEDVIP plan that has a waiting period, or does not cover the service. Several FEDVIP dental plans have options that offer orthodontia coverage without a 12-month waiting period, and without age limits.